Monday, 13 October 2014

Comic Book Shopping In Tunbridge Wells.

When My friend Tracy said to me that she was going to Tunbridge Wells to look in some comic book stores I kind of invited myself along! Then I invited Tilly and Kimmy. Kimmy loves Dr Who, Always has and always will. So we thought it would be a bit of fun and something to do on a saturday that we both actually had a day off together.

I hadn't been to Tunbridge Wells since i was a child and we had never been since we had moved to kent in 2001, as its so awkward to get to for us, it involves a 2 hour train trip and a change. So off we went on our little excursion - now 2 hours in the confined space of a train with an over excited 4 year old is hard work, so thank god for my kindle and the brand new film (Malificent) that I had downloaded for her.

When we arrived in Tunbridge Wells, I did have to ask myself, who in their right mind would build an town on top of a hill, after walking from the trainstation to the town centre! We had a spot of lunch and then went off to find the comic book shops. We went to three different shops and each was different from the others, one was even a comic book cafe.
Dr Who wrist bands = one happy kimmy
Comic book Cafe

Something for all ages
Dr Who
Comic books

We even had time to go to the shops in the shopping center and look for some lego. Tilly is at the age now where she is just getting into lego and thanks to the recent Daily Mail free Lego offer, she has a few bits. But when Kimmy and Tracy stood feeling the lego bags to see what lego man they would get - I just stood back and watched! I dont think they get the concept of surprise bags haha.

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