Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Eek I'm A Facebook Stalker!

We all do it! curiosity nosiness is all part of life, Social media makes it even more easier now to keep tabs on your friends and/or enemies. We are all naturally nosy and want to know what we are missing out on. But when do we cross that line from plain simple curiosity to Stalking?

Lets take Facebook for example, millions of us use it and our life is never private anymore. Even if your profile is set to friends only, others will see it if a friend comments on it. You can never be sure who is reading about you and who is stalking you on there.

We all do it though don't we? but what kind of stalker are you?

The Jealous 'Ex' Stalker - We fall out with a friend or we end a relationship and we still want to feel part of their lives or we still want to know what we are missing out on. Even though we know its going to hurt us, we still have to peep - we cant help it. We want to know what there doing, so we can accidentally be in the same place at the same time or we want to know what we have missed out on. We want to know what they are saying about us, if indeed they are saying anything at all! And when they do write something we are convinced its about us, even though 90% of the time it isnt about us! It makes it harder to move on from a relationship when we have social media to hold us back!

The Victim Stalker - The person who has been treated badly or hurt by someone and they want to see if anyone is saying things about them. They like to watch and then tell their friends and even members of the public about the things your saying and this then secures their place as a victim.

The Manipulating Stalker - There are also the people who manipulate you into being friends with them again, they will post things on their profile and make it public in the hope that you may see it and then hopefully take them back. They will post love songs and make declarations of their undying love, making it public for everyone to see, and in turn pressuring you into being in a relationship with them again. If someone really wanted to get back with you, then why would they suddenly publicly declare their love for you on a public domain for the world to see, when in fact they could simply say it to you personally. This is another form of facebook stalking, its eerie and its a bit 'bunny boiling' if you ask me!

The Guilty Stalker - The facebook stalking that i like the best is where someone will write a status or share a post from someone else and you think its directly aimed at you...... or is it? so you have to keep peeping into the profile every ten minutes to see if they have written anything else or to see what others are writing. We don't like to ask if anything is wrong because then we fear they will laugh at our expense, so we just be quiet and watch from afar.

The Drama queen Stalker - But lets face it guys! Who really wants to read a status about 'today i bought my cat some new cat food' or 'oh well looks like rain again'. We like the racy stuff, the gossipy stuff and we enjoy the drama that social media brings. We are a nation of nosey people who love a scandal, after all it makes for a more interesting day! This could explain why we go looking for things to make our life more interesting, this is why we have taken Social media and used it to our advantage by keeping tabs on people and what they are doing.

The Silent  Stalker - This is the person who sits back and watches what is going on, they dont comment, they dont dont get involved. But they remember everything! They don't need to take photo's or write things down - they have long memories and wont forget anything you say!

What kind of stalker are you?

This post is in no way written about anyone........... well i may of made a few observations along the way, but any reference to anyone living or dead is totally down to your paranoia from your stalking obsession ;)

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