Monday, 20 October 2014

Flint and Flint Serum

Flint and Flint are a British company and all their products are made in England, This for a starting point for me is a positive because it means that the work is kept in England instead of sending it away to be made and packaged up.

As soon as you have the products in your hand, you recognise the quality and design that has gone onto the packaging and also the product itself. Flint and Flint is the idea of a husband and wife team who have over 20 years of experience within the beauty business between them - so if anyone is going to know their stuff it will be Adam and Maxine Flint!

A Lot of research and world travelling went into the idea of finding product that was affordable, packaged nicely, A good quality product that really had to work and was easy to use. Eventually after failing to find the right ingredients, they were at a loss until they realised everything they needed was right here in the UK! Now you can buy a full range of products online and once you have tried them, you wont go back to other products - I am officially in love with this range of Spa products!

Flint and Flint would like to introduce you to their Serum currently on sale on their website for £48. I have used a Serum for a good few years now as it is an all over great product to have on your dressing table or in your bathroom cabinet. A Serum will help to smooth out any fine lines and wrinkles you may have appearing on your face with the help of the active ingredients in the product. You use the Serum everyday after you have cleansed and then pop some moisturiser over the top. Mine works well with the Moisturiser 3x that i have.

The Flint and Flint Serum is an energising, nourishing and repairing serum for use under moisturiser for all skin types. It has many popular active ingredients include atoligomer, borage oil and AA2G.

‘how do these benefit your skin?’ I hear you say. Well this is the scientific bit!

The Atoligomer will stimulate the vitality of skin cells, which will in turn reinforce the vitality of your skin.

The ingredient of Borage oil is rich in essential and good fatty acids, and one of the most prolific sources of Omega 6. this is vital in the production of the body’s regulatory hormones and shown to be effective in the treatment of dry and damaged skin. This is the Ingredient that is really important for me as it is the one that will help to combat the dry skin i summer from.

The active ingredient AA2G is a natural vitamin C that dramatically brightens dull looking skin whilst reversing the signs of ageing and providing protection from the sun. Having this in a product is a must for many ladies as you get so many benefits from Vitamin C.

Why not try the range for yourself? pop over to the website and have a look because you wont be disappointed - and if you are, they offer a 100% money back guarantee as thats how confident they are that this range is perfect for you all. You can find more on the range on the website.

This Serum smells gorgeous of the flowers in the ingredients, such a pleasant smell to wear in your skin. Afterall who would want to wear a bad smelling serum? its creamy and soaks into the skin nicely, without leaving your skin feel too "wet" like some serums do. Other serums are usually liquid, this means that the cream will go further than other serums. Once it has soaked in, the skin is instantly smoother and softer to touch and it isn't heavy to wear. Kimmy tried this serum out and she has sensitive skin and it suited her skin type so well, she normally has to be careful what she uses on her skin, but there was no reaction to the Serum.

To buy this serum pop over to

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