Friday, 17 October 2014

Having Some Mummy Time!

All parents yearn for some time off from their offspring, whether your child is 2 or 22. I always thought it would be lovely to have a break from Tilly and to be honest I am sure the older children think it would be nice to have a break from me!

We are envious of our friends/Acquaintances who manage a sneaky romantic break or that trip away for work that involves an overnight stay. The grass is always greener on the other side isn't it!

Well I was the same, I went to dunstable a few weeks ago for a fragrance conference at work and I must admit I really looked forward to the night without and child worries, I looked forward to the full nights sleep that I would have in 22 years and I looked forward to being Vicky instead of mummy. The truth of the matter is that I hated every second of it, It wasn't all I had hoped and I missed my kids like hell! I know they were having a fab time without me, but I was having a lousy time without them. I was just dozing off and I heard a Thud, I thought it was Tilly falling out of bed and it took a few moments for the realisation of it being someone else to set in. I couldn't wait to get home again and give her the biggest cuddle!

So I have to ask myself - exactly why am I doing this again? Here I am on the train to Birmingham at 10pm on a friday night, I have the delights of a youth hostel to stay in tonight (it was cheap! and I couldn't imagine booking a nice hotel room just for me) I have booked into a mixed Dorm with 11 other random strangers who are probably thinking the same thing as I am tonight. They are worried about who they might be spending a night with or how to even find the flipping place in the first instance!
I do get bored when I go somewhere without my sidekicks and there seems to be so much thinking time for me to do. Of course tonight I have time to actually sit and enjoy a journey, to read a magazine, to sit and write a blog post. There seems to be almost too much time.

Dont wish for a break from your children, embrace the time you spend with them because all too soon they will be grown up and flying the nest like Bethy has done and Zach too when he works abroad. Right now I would rather have a little girl next to me begging to watch Maleficent on the Kindle, but I also know that I need to give my kids breathing space too.

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