Thursday, 23 October 2014

Hobbycraft Paper Mache Pumpkin.

With Halloween only a little over a week away, You still have chance to pop to Hobbycraft, and buy your decorations. The best thing about buying from hobbycraft is that you get to decorate it as you like! If your child wants a blue pumpkin then they can paint a blue pumpkin. We got a Paper Mache Pumpkin . some paint and some brushes. Tilly was now ready to get creative.

 The paints arrived in our delivery, all sellotaped up, this stopped the lid coming off in transit, something that i appreciate as a parent. Tilly got to work and before we knew it, she had painted the whole pumpkin as well as herself. After a couple of layers of paint i was happy with the coverage.

Once it was finished we left it to dry, and filled it with sweets. It is perfect for greeting your trick or treat guests on Halloween. It makes a change from us just throwing some bowls for the children who knock on our door. 

The pumpkin is quite big so we popped a towel at the bottom and covered it with orange crepe paper, this gives the impression of more sweets in the pot. 

This Pumpkin will cost you £15 and a couple of afternoons next week with your little one, then you have a halloween decoration that you can use over and over again. This is made of paper mache and is flammable so please don't put candles in it and use it as a decoration.

You still have time to make a delivery at as standard delivery is 3 to 5 working days and standard delivery is free over £30. You can also use Click and collect if your order is over £10. 

Next day delivery is also available for a cost of £5.95

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