Friday, 3 October 2014

Home Start And How It Saves Families - Snowflake Appeal

When i was suffering from PND, my health visitor declared she didn't understand and wasn't trained in this field and she walked out of our life, She had left a vulnerable child with a suicidal mother and the whole situation is scandalous! Tilly was barely 6 months old and since that day i have never had a HV to check up on her, i never had it queried when she never attended any of her 18 month check ups or had sight tests.

I had made the decision that as the HV team had let me down, I didn't need their input into Tillys life and progress. We were very alone untill Home-Start knocked on the door. I met David and he explained how the scheme worked and that there was a group I could attend on a thursday morning, This would give me something to focus on every week and something for me to get up for on a thursday morning. When i first started to go, I was so quiet and didn't talk to anyone, infact I hated going! but i persevered and ending up going for nearly 4 years.
With Home Start there is always someone to there to talk to, whether they are a volunteer or a paid member of staff because these people have walked in our shoes and they know how you feel. Recently I heard a Home-Start volunteer on TV saying she helps 'Vulnerable families', personally I don't like that label, but they do help families that need a little bit of extra support and need someone to listen. They dont judge you and they help you along the way. They pick you up when you fall and if there is anything you need, whether advice or a voucher for the local food bank, they will try their hardest to help you.

So the reason for the post is that I met some lovely ladies from Home-start at The Handmade Fair and they explained to me about the Snowflake Appeal.

Kirstie Allsopp is a big supporter of Home-Start. She says 'Children and families are like snowflakes - unique and fragile. The Snowflake Appeal is a brilliant metaphor for the way Home-start helps people. This is an amazing organisation- on the ground, helping people. If you want to help anyone in the UK, Home-start is the best way to do it' - I think she really sums it up!

So to help with fundraising please pop over to the website to see how you can donate by buying a snowflake lapel badge or to get free downloadable fundraising packs. Or you can simply text SNOW04 to 70070.

The website is

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