Thursday, 23 October 2014

I Was A Youth Hostel Virgin........

So here I was last night faced with the fact that I was going to spend the night with 11 random strangers I had Never met before in my life and was never to meet again.

I arrived at the youth hostel at 1130pm and It was very boisterous and noisy as I was checking in, the drinks seemed to be flowing at the bar and there were loads of young people enjoying the atmosphere, jesus did I feel old at that point!

I checked in and paid my £14 for a night in a warm bed and was handed over the codes to get into the front door and the codes to the bedroom, as well as the wifi code (thankyou for the wifi!). The reception was in an old converted Pub and I had to step out into the rain again to get to the accommodation block next door, I punched the code into the front door and got into the building easily enough and found my room.

 After three attempts at using the code and cursing at the top of my voice, a kind gentleman came to my rescue and opened the door for me, I went in, the light was on and i breathed a sigh of relief before scanning the room and seeing 6 sets of bunkbeds and realising the time was nearly midnight and there were people asleep. Oops I said to myself before creeping around more quietly, only the more I tried to creep around quietly, the more noise I seemed to make. I undid my bag but the zipper sounded like thunder in the quietness of the room - I could imagine these poor people tutting underneath their duvet.

I went to the bathroom to change into my pyjamas, and There were a few American girl tourists running
around the corridors, being really loud and giggly - I had to remind myself I was in a YOUTH hostel lol. I went back to my room, I had learned how to do the code by now and I climbed into my bed. I sat there on my laptop, tap tapping away and there were two young girls asking if they could switch the light off, of course I had no worries about the light being off and I just used my laptop light to check my Facebook account and update my status. Being in a dorm took me right back to my school days when I went to boarding school, I suppose the American girls making all the noise kind of took me back to the times we did that at school too!

I heard a few people coming into the room before i finally drifted off to sleep and the next thing I knew it was 5am, two young girls left and so did a builder. I drifted off again and woke up at 8am! I had such a good night sleep, the bed was comfortable and it didnt bother me sleeping in a bunkbed. I got up and took a shower, it was a great warm power shower - better than some I have used in more expensive hotels before. I went to check out in the reception where there was a basic breakfast of cereals, toast and fruit. As I was kind of in a rush, as I had no idea where I was going to. So I grabbed some fruit and ate on the go.

I stayed at Birmingham Backpackers. and I would stay there again as an overnight visit to Birmingham, if i was on my own.

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