Saturday, 11 October 2014

Interview With A Four Year old - Part Two

6 months ago, i did an interview with Tilly, who had just turned 4 and her answers were.......interesting, the interview can be found here. So i thought as so much had happened in the past 6 months with her starting big school and seeming so much more grown up, then i would ask her the same questions and see what variety of answers i get now.

What is your favourite food? Cream cheese, and i like fish

Where do carrots come from? 
We grow some with seeds

Who is in your family? Zachy, Bethy, Tilly and Mummy, Eileen (my friend) and Kimmy

What is your favourite colour? Pink

What is your favourite song? If your happy and you know it

What makes you happy? Singing songs

What makes you sad? When Its dark

What’s your favourite animal? A Kangeroo

What is your favourite toy? Elsa Doll

What is the best thing in the world? Mummies

What do you like to do? Cuddling mummy

Who runs the country? Mummies

What does Mummy do for work? You work at your work

Where does the queen live? In a tower inside a Kingdom

How does a flower grow? By everyone watering it and seed it

Whats your favourite Film? Barney

What do you want to be when you grow up? A mermaid

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