Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My First Visit To Blog Camp

The whole reason for my stay in the youth hostel overnight on friday was because I had to get up early to attend the Tots100 Blogcamp in Birmingham City centre. The idea of going was to get some helpful advice on how to work on my blog, hopefully to improve it!

When I arrived there was pastries and coffee for breakfast and I met up with some other great bloggers, Mary who blogs over at www.mymodelmummy.com and Afra who blogs over at www.madmumof7.com. The event was put on by Sally and her Team at Tots100, who had all given up their weekend to offer us lots of sessions from photography to becoming a travel blogger.

I used to travel the world so much when the others were little and we have done everything from backpacking around europe when they were all under 13 to living the highlife in New York, So I am ready to start being more adventurous with Miss Tilly. There was lots of advice from many people, who like us had started as bloggers and had gone on to do some rather exciting things. The sessions were inspirational and I came away from them with my head buzzing with ideas.

There is nothing better than fresh ideas and knowing how other people work with their blogs. It was great to chat to other bloggers that were there, and put faces to the blogs I had read previously.We met up with some brands too.

Cow and Gate showed us the importance of Vitamin D and Showed us what food to give our babies. They also
explained the importance of the baby milk and the Vitamins it holds. All 4 of my babies were Cow and Gate babies, and that is going back over 22 years! I recommend it to all my friends with babies, who are bottle feeding. You can find more about Cow and Gate on their website.

The day was amazing and to top the day off I travelled home in First class on the Virgin Train. At the weekends its only £10 extra and you get complimentary drinks and a little snack box.

Once again thankyou to Sally and her team at Tots100.

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