Monday, 20 October 2014

Nasal Guard Cold And Flu Block Review

We have all heard about Fresher Flu, when our kids go to uni and meet up with people from all over the country and then BANG  -you all have flu! loads of teenagers/adults in a small confined space and thats it your bound to catch the flu, So it must be the same for kids going to school too. They haven't seen each other all summer and then they are all at school, sharing their colds in the air and before you know it - your kids are off with the flu or a heavy cold.

Tilly is asthmatic and has the option of the flu jab  once a year, something i dread having to face, because lets face it nobody wishes to take their child to be injected. Of course now you have the nasal spray to combat flu in some NHS areas and its recommended for youngsters, but there is nothing to protect the older children. That was until NasalGuard came along!

I was asked to try it for two weeks before Tilly started school and then for a few weeks after. Its so easy to use. The Nasal guard is a drug free gel that traps and stops viruses, so it minimizes the chance of inhaling any viruses and cold and flu. This will then lower the chances of you becoming ill through the winter. It is suitable for children and pregnant women so its perfect for families. Its non drowsy and there are no known contra indications if taken with other medications you may be on. I didn't use this but Tilly did, so of course I caught a cold 3 weeks ago and it is still lingering, I have the worst cough in the world and my throat feels like razors. Tilly gets in bed with me every night and she is a very cuddly girl, So she is always close to me and so far she has stayed cold and flu free. She normally catches colds so quickly because of her bad chest and this year she hasn't had the flu jab yet (because I am a coward and dont want to hurt her ).

This is a preventative measure for you to use and it cant be use as a treatment if you already have a cold or flu and is not an alternative to the flu jab.

Its so easy to use, all you too is put a small dot onto your finger and rub it in between your finger and thumb before applying it around your nostrils and above your top lip. It doesn't hurt, it clinically proven to be safe and there are 150 applications in a tube, so dont be put off by the size of the small tube. You only need to use a tiny bit each time. So a small application does a lot of work to prevent you becoming ill. Apply it 4-6 times a day and especially before your going into a confined space with lots of people, like the underground, A plane, A busy room.

So whether your sending your kids back off to uni or they have just started school this is perfect for you to use on them, to give them the added benefit of the invisible barrier. If you work with loads of people and you cant risk catching the flu this winter, then this is ideal for you.

You can buy this at Boots for £11.99 and for more information you can pop over to the website.

I have a competition to run along with the kind people of Nasal Guard to give one of you the chance to win your own box of Nasal Guard cold and flu block valued at £11.99

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