Friday, 31 October 2014

Nest Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Alarm Review

Carbon Monoxide has always worried me as it is a silent killer and if you have damaged gas appliances, then you're at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Being a mum, you have to think about your kids and their welfare too. We do have a carbon monoxide alarm but it always worries me that I wouldn't notice if the batteries ran out and I didn't notice or if I didn't notice the alarm going off in the night - how often do we sleep through the bleep when the battery is getting low?

When I received a Nest Smoke and Carbon monoxide alarm, I was amazed at how clever it was. Not only is it loud but it also talks to you and tells you where the fire is.

The Nest Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide alarm also connects to your WIFI to connect to your smartphone so you get a message to your phone telling you of the danger and where the danger is. Like I said, its easy to sleep through a bleeping sound especially if your a child. So The Nest Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm has a human voice to alert you of a fire or carbon monoxide leak. The Voice is loud and clear - like the voice you would get on a car sat nav.

In the event of evacuation because of a carbon monoxide or smoke threat, there is a coloured ring of light on the alarm that will help guide you in the right direction, if offers a bit of light in the darkness. When the house is dark and you switch the light off, the ring lights up to help you find your way to bed and offers security in the knowledge that the alarm is working. The nest alarm comes as a battery operated product or you can wire it into your home. We were sent the battery operated one, that contains Lithium batteries for long lasting operation.

Did you know that at least one million homes across the UK US and Canada are exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide every year? In the UK alone, carbon monoxide poisoning accounts for about 50 fatalities a year and over 4000 medical visits to a doctor a year. This means your family could be in danger. Buying a Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide for £89 from  The Nest Protect Store, Amazon, Apple Store, B&Q and john Lewis will put your mind at rest and you can go to bed every night knowing your safe.

What happens if there is high levels of carbon monoxide in my home?

You will be notified in a few different ways

Visually - the ring of light will glow yellow or red (depending on the level of danger), giving you a visual indication of a problem

Audible - All the Nest products in your home will sound an 85 decibel alarm and speak in a loud voice, the type of danger and the location of the danger. “Emergency - there's carbon monoxide in the living room, move to fresh air”

Mobile -As long as you have set up the App, it will notify users of the danger and location of danger.

We have a house on the seafront and we get a lot of fishermen fishing all night long, so they set a little fire on the beach. When its hot we sleep with all the windows open, the fires have never bothered us but it did upset our Smoke alarm. At 2.30Am one morning I had fallen asleep on the sofa in front of the TV, I was awoken by a loud and clear voice saying 'Warning, there is smoke in your house' As I was down stairs anyway, i was able to check the kitchen and front room. Whilst Kim checked upstairs and we double checked the whole house. There was no smoke but we closed the window and the alarm stopped. Although it was a scary incident, It showed me how good the Alarm is. We were woken up with the clear and loud voice and I am quite a heavy sleeper at times. It proved to me that this is a brilliant piece of equipment and I would recommend it to everyone. Surprisingly the alarm doesn't go off when i cook!

For The price of less than £90 you get complete peace of mind in your home and wont need to worry so much for your families safety. You will never go back to a standard smoke alarm!

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