Thursday, 9 October 2014

Saving The Forests With The Rainforest Alliance

Over the next 40 years, the worlds population is going to grow from roughly 6.9 billion to over 9 billion and in an effort to feed, clothe and house their families, people everywhere will be putting more pressure on the earth's limited resources. Particularly in and around the earths most sensitive and unique ecosystems. When we designate spaces for parks and preserves, although they look lovely, it isnt doing enough . 10% of the world has already been declared as protected and local people continue to rely on the resources within the protected areas to earn their livlihoods.

So what is the Solution?

The Rainforest Alliance is helping people to transform their land-use practices by showing standards that promote the sustainable use of resources and conserving the biodiversity for future generations. They are also helping to educate people, by bringing the Green Frog logo to our shopping, and showing us that we are helping to save the forests with the choice of purchases we buy.

Sadly over the past 400 years, half of the earth's forests have been cleared to make way for the worlds population. So in response to this significant loss, the Rainforest Alliance has
pioneered the idea of Market-driven forestry certification.
This came about in 1989 with the launch of Smartwood, the first globally sustainable forestry certificate. The FSC or Rainforest Alliance Certification guarantees that a product, from guitars, paper or raw lumber comes from a forest that has been responsibly managed to conserve biodiversity and ensure the rights of the workers and their local communities are looked after. The rainforest Alliance works with communities from Northwestern United States to the lowland tropics of Papua New Guinea. The Rainforest Alliance works in all forest areas and has certified over 66 million hectares over the world.

The Rainforest Alliance is rapidly progressing toward a future where producers and retailers are able to bring us a full range of sustainable goods to our supermarket. The Rainforest Alliance Certified Seal is displayed on a range of products from paper, beauty products and food. And the items can be easily bought in Costco, Mcdonald's, Staples, and many more supermarkets. Infact you have probably picked up goods with the logo on and not even realised, You could have these goods in your kitchen cupboards or in your bathroom. The Seal on the products shows you that The company you have bought from is working at helping the treatment of the workers in the developing world and ensuring we have a healthy planet. This is their commitment to make improvements for our future.

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