Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Tillys First Harvest Festival

This week was Tillys first Harvest Festival at school, So I thought that I would let her go to the shop and choose something to donate to the school.

The donations of food are going to the local food bank this year, which is great as it is going back into the community that the children live in. Many local families have benefited from the food bank since it opened a few years ago and I Know I have used it on two previous occasions too. We always donate to the food bank at the local supermarket, by buying an extra item and popping it in the dump bin. We like to give back to those that helped us in our times of need.

So off we went to the local shop and I tried to steer Tilly in the Mummy do poor people have cats?' Anyone that knows Tilly will know how much of an animal lover she is! So i replied yes, That was it, she made her way to the pet food area and bought some cat food to offer for the harvest festival. I am sure in their whole history of the harvest festivals, they have never had cat food donated, but my daughter likes to be different!
 right direction of what to buy, but it just didn't work. Firstly she decided that they would need a drink, so I picked up a bottle of Squash and she decided she should take a carton of milkshake (funnily enough it is her favourite flavour) and a packet of fruitburst. She must think I fell out the stupid tree because I wasn't
falling for that one. Then out of the blue she said '

So she popped it in her school bag and handed it to the teacher - making the teacher chuckle at her choice. Tilly is so cute and scrummy and the fact she has thought alot about what she wanted to donate to the food bank made me realise how grown up she really is!

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