Friday, 31 October 2014

Tillys Halloween

Tomorrow is a busy day for Tilly as she is going to be a flower girl at my cousins wedding, We feel so priviliged to be invited to be part of the wedding party, but my head is full of dread that she will do something terribly wrong or naughty :/ so today to take our mind off the big day, we set aside the day for the kids to celebrate Halloween ( or horrid day as Tilly calls it)

She dressed up in her witches outfit and we went to town, she had her photo taken at a photobooth and also had her face painted. Many people talk of Halloween being to 'Americanised' but you know what? its just a bit of fun. Our day was finished off with a touch of trick or treating before we went to a halloween party and then spent a few hours with the bride to be.

Sorry for the short blog, but it is a busy few days in the life of Tilly :)

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