Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Botticelli's Bastard Book Review And Giveaway

Book Synopsis:

Art restorer Giovanni Fabrizzi is haunted by an unsigned renaissance portrait. Obsessed to learn the truth of its origin, he becomes increasingly convinced the painting could be the work of one of history’s greatest artists, which if true, would catapult its value to the stratosphere. But in learning of the painting’s past, he is faced with a dilemma. He believes the portrait was stolen during the greatest art heist in history—the Nazi plunder of European artwork. If true and a surviving relative of the painting’s rightful owner were still alive, Giovanni, in all good conscience, would have to give up the potential masterpiece. His obsession with the portrait puts a strain on his new marriage, and his son thinks his father has lost his mind for believing an unremarkable, unsigned painting could be worth anyone’s attention. Regardless, Giovanni persists in his quest of discovery and exposes far more truth than he ever wanted to know.

Author's Bio:

Stephen Maitland-Lewis is an award-winning author, a British attorney, and a former international investment banker. He held senior positions in the City of London, Kuwait, and on Wall Street before moving to California in 1991. He owned a luxury hotel and a world-renowned restaurant and was also the Director of Marketing of a Los Angeles daily newspaper. Maitland-Lewis is a jazz aficionado and a Board Trustee of the Louis Armstrong House Museum in New York. A member of PEN and the Author’s Guild, Maitland-Lewis is also on the Executive Committee of the International Mystery Writers Festival.

His novel Hero on Three Continents received numerous accolades, and Emeralds Never Fade won the 2012 Benjamin Franklin Award for Historical Fiction and the 2011 Written Arts Award for Best Fiction. His novel Ambition was a 2013 USA Best Book Awards and 2014 International Book Awards finalist and won first place for General Fiction in the 2013 Rebecca’s Reads Choice Awards. Maitland-Lewis and his wife, Joni Berry, divide their time between their homes in Beverly Hills and New Orleans.

What Did I Think Of The Book?

I felt for Giovanni Fabrizzi who has been kind of lost since the loss of his wife, Even though he was now remarried. He has to move his office to a new modern location and the start of the book is all about change around him. He runs the London Side of the business whilst his son runs the Italian side of the business.

I don't want to give too much away about the book as it will spoil it, but he is asked to find a painting as a gift for an acquaintance, and he is really shocked with what he does find!

The story is almost magical with the Painting he finds as it comes to life and has conversations with Giovanni.The painting of  Count Marco Lorenzo Pietro de Medici is said to have been painted by Botticelli and Giovanni becomes obsessed with the painting and its history. Within the story we follow the history of the painting and the story behind the owners, but we also read about how the Nazi's stole paintings from the Jewish communities and they were never returned to them. This obviously adds a touch of scandal to the book. the book was fun and imaginative and I enjoyed reading it on my commute to work everyday. Give the book a go and fall into the book and feel part of the imaginative magical story.

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