Saturday, 22 November 2014

Dont Get Jealous Over The Things You See On Facebook - Its Not Real

Sometimes when I look at social media and I see people talking about their happy lives, or the fact that they did something special, I do feel a pang of jealousy and often wonder why I dont have that happiness in my lifestyle. Sometimes we see people bragging about things happening in their lives, but more often than not it is to cover up the unhappiness they feel inside or to hide how they feel.

Sometimes when you see what people write, it is enough to make you think that your doing something wrong in your life and in reality they are embellishing the situation to make it sound better. Don't most people do this? I know I do, I will write on my personal Facebook page about receiving loads of goods through my blog, but in reality we are on the poverty line and these gifts are being used for Christmas presents. Without them it would be another struggle.

Sometimes I write bragging things on Facebook as it is a way of hiding when I am having a bad day, because nobody wants to know how depressed you are. But you don't realize your bragging, your just trying to balance out the crap with something good. When I was at an event recently I heard the phrase 'Braggies' and it is for people that take photos where they are bragging. Like when they are on holiday and they take selfies of their destinations. But these braggies kind of make us wish we were there too.

We have all seen someones status where they have bought their child this Christmas gift and that Christmas gift and feel like a failure as a parent because deep down you know that you cant in a million years find enough money to compete, yet you try. In a cruel reality, they are up to their eyeballs in debt and they wouldnt be able to have afforded it without that Provident Loan!

So I came across this brilliant Youtube Video by The Highton Brothers, it kind of explains it without the words. A brilliant small film! Nobodies life is better than yours, your just doing it a different way.

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