Friday, 28 November 2014

Fizzy Drinks Made To Your Own Taste With A SodaStream

Most of us had a SodaStream when we were kids, it was a must have gadget in the kitchen and I have fond memories of getting the bottle of water out of the fridge to pop into the Soda Stream maker and adding the syrup to make a delicious fizzy drink. When my kids were little, we had a SodaStream maker too and they had fun making fizzy drinks to enjoy

Forward to 2014 and Soda Stream have launched a brand new affordable drinksmaker called SodaStream Play, which is perfect for making your fizzy drinks. It is a simple design and ultra-simple to use, designed is four vibrant colours including white, red,
yellow and black. So it will fit in will any stylish kitchen. The Play is the first machine to feature the new 'auto-lift' slider as well as the popular 'snap-lock' mechanism, making it quick, simple and easy to use. Meaning you can make your own homemade sparkling drinks, just the way you like them. You can have as much or as little fizz as you want and flavour it to your taste. just push the button once for a small fizz, twice for a medium fizz and 3 times for a really fizzy drink.

Fiona Hope, Managing Director at SodaStream UK, said: “With its sleek and stylish design, Play is the perfect addition to every home. From sparkling water to flavoured fizzy drinks and
cocktails, families can have fun getting creative in the kitchen and enjoy great-tasting, better-for-
them bubbly drinks on tap. With SodaStream people can personalise their drinks just the way they like them with as much fizz and flavour as they want.”

The SodaStream Play is available from for £69.99 and that includes the machine, a new gas bottle, 1 plastic litre bottle and some samples of the different flavours. Delivery is usually within 2-3 days to your home address for £3.99 or to a collect+ shop for £2.99. Personally we use the Collect+ as its convenient for us and we don't have to wait in for a delivery. For your christmas deliveries, please order by 21st December 2014.
The flavours are easily ordered online to or you can buy them from a good supermarket. You add as little or as much as you want and to tantalise your tastebuds.

We received a SodaStream Play to try out as a family. It arrived within 2 days and we eagerly opened
it. It was really simple to add the gas bottle to the machine and then we added water to the 1 litre bottle. Only add water to the bottle and nothing else as you don't want to break this lovely machine. The Gas Bottle is really easy to put into the SodaStream Play, all you need to do is lay your machine down, remove the wrapping and lid from the gas bottle and insert
inside. Then your good to go! Stand the machine up and fill your litre plastic bottle with cold tap water, pop it into the machine, so it clicks into place - making sure the bottle isnt resting on the bottom of the SodaStream Drinksmaker. Push the bubble release down and watch the water turn into carbonated water, then we added our flavourings before drinking.

Pop over to to see the whole range of SodaStream Products. Using a Sodastream also means that your not buying plastic bottles of fizzy drinks every day and then its helping the environment and you dont have to keep disposing of empty bottles as you keep reusing the same one that comes with the SodaStream.

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