Tuesday, 18 November 2014

How Can A Social Network Platform Help My Blog?

There are thousands upon thousands of blogs out there in the world of the internet, but only a small percentage of them are seen by a wide audience. Maybe you wish to keep your blog private and small viewing figures may suit you but if you have something to say and it needs saying loudly, then say it and share it with the world. With social media you also engage with other people in the same situation as you and you meet some great people with whom you can create great ‘Blogationships’ with. When your using Social media to promote your blog, always go where your audience is, If your audience tend to like videos to watch then go to Youtube, If your audience likes written content then go to Facebook or Twitter. Also with Social media, you have great opportunities to link up with other blogs. Social Media platforms also help to make your blog feel more ‘human’ rather than just something your viewers read on a computer, through social media, they see you interact just as they do.

Most of us that blog, do have a twitter account or a Facebook account but how many of us use it to promote our blog?

Facebook has 1.23 monthly active users, so that is a lot of people using social media the same time as you or looking for articles like the ones you have written. It means that potentially, if you share a blog post to your blog facebook account, it can easily be shared over and over again over the period of a few hours. Even months after a blog post has been written, you might find it shared on Facebook because someone thinks, hey thats a great idea!

Twitter on the other hand has 255 active users, only a small proportion compared to facebook but twitter is short sharp and sweet, you only have a few characters in which to say what's on your mind and then off it goes into Twitter world for someone to retweet. Ok so Twitter doesn't have the games we can play on Facebook but its more professional.

Do you have picture content more than written, then your audience is more likely to choose Pinterest or instagram, so also use those platforms to advertise your posts, after all how are they going to know your there if you just sit in the dark corner? You need to make yourself know. Both are extremely easy to use from a laptop and a smartphone provided that you download the apps.

For your Video content as I said at the start of the post, then share it on Youtube or Twitter Vines. Twitter Vines allows you to upload a 6 second video to give your viewers a taste of what you have on your blog or Vlog. Youtube has over 1 Billion active users a month! I know for a fact if i need to see how something is done, or I want to see something cool/funny etc i go straight to Youtube, I dont really use google to find out how something is done - why read when I can watch a video?

Its not easy to keep up with all these social networks, but it can benefit your blog greatly if you do. People are always out there looking for new things to read, or wanting to follow your life and your story. make sure you have buttons on your blog or details of your social network platforms so people that may stumble upon your blog accidently can follow you and get updates when you update your social networks. If your finding it hard, you could chose one social network a day to promote with. But using social network will benefit your blog.

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