Thursday, 13 November 2014

Our Visit To World Travel Market

The World Travel Market takes place in Excel every year for 4 days in November and this year we were allocated a press pass to attend, so we went on Monday. This year 1,229 exhibitors were there to do business and in fact £2.5 billion worth of deals are done the the World Tavel Market.

We were welcomed with pastries and coffee, a good start to the day before we attended a press conference about all aspects of the travel industry and being given some great facts and figures, that you really dont expect.
  • Did you know that support for the expnasion of Heathrow airport is going downhill rapidly, with people wanting to expand smaller airports (if they did this to manson airport, it would really help the local area), In fact 84% of uk holiday makers agree to the need of greater capacity of aviation in the UK by expanding regional Airports.
  • 63% of parents would take their child out of school in the term and pay the £60 fine, rather than pay the price hike of going in the holidays, and yes I would pay the fine too!
  • 91% of people say affordability is the reason they take a UK holiday and 81% say it has been the lovely summer we have had that has made them stay in the UK this year for a holiday. 30% of holidaymakers are going to holiday in the uk next year, as staycations become more and more popular.

After the conference we popped up to have a chat with former arsenal player Ray Parlour about sports and tourism, how sports affects the peoples choice of holiday, lets face it once a world cup destination is announced, people start looking at the holidays there. was a top bloke, and it was lovely to meet him.

Next on the agenda was a chance to go and meet people from all over the world and take a peep at their hotels and destinations. The Whole of the Excel was opened up we could go from Africa to Ireland in minutes ;) joking aside, we had a great day, we were able to have a good chat with some of the staff from venues and also learn a few things about some countries that we didn't know (infact there were a few countries that i hadnt heard of - but the less said about that the better)

We met some lovely people and I will be writing a few blog posts soon to introduce you to new destinations for your next holiday. I even had the chance to have henna on my arm, it was so intricate and the lady so patient doing it

Sadly there were also some rude stall holders that did not give us the time of day and when i mentioned my blog, she simply said ‘Urgh No’ and walked off. Sadly it is the little people with blogs that stay in her hotels and she seemed to forget that for a short moment. I wont mention the hotel brand as one persons mis-doing shouldn't go against the brand.

Now as I spend the next few weeks looking through all my press releases, I am dreaming of holidays abroad.

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