Friday, 7 November 2014

Presenting Mrs Stillwell :)

Over the last half term we went to stay with our family in Hampshire, preparing for one of the last of my cousins to get married. What was to make this wedding even more special was that Tilly had been asked to be a flower girl. Tilly and I had spent many weeks talking about the wedding and how she would have to scatter some blue and white petals.

It is every girls dream to be a bridesmaid/flower girl and Tilly is lucky enough to have done it twice now. Once for my bestest friend Sam and now for my cousin Charlotte.

We got up early, I had to go to town as i was the designated ‘collecter of forgotten things’ and then the morning seem to disappear in a rush of getting ready, doing hair, make up and trying to get Tilly to behave and not mess her hair up that i had painstakingly spent ages putting into an Elsa Coronation Style! Then just before we left the house, it was time to put Tillys dress on. She looked like a little princess.
We waited outside as the bride came out and she looked amazing in her beautiful gown - Tilly was in Awe and exclaimed how Charlotte looked like a princess. Now the bride and her family are big Camper van fans and the brides father has a camper van, So the bridal party all arrived in style in a camper van! I mean how different is that? Of course it was also great fun for the kids to go in a camper van as it is a bit of an adventure.

On arrival at the Wedding Venue, I took my seat and waited for the bride to come (ok i was excited to see the flower girl ) and as soon as Tilly stepped into the room, she looked horrified at all the people watching them and stopped walking! I stood motioning her to throw the flowers and she slowly made her way down the aisle, walking so slowly that I am sure she was tripping the older bridesmaids up as she went along.
The groom waited patiently for his wife to be and as she glided down the aisle on her dads arm, it was a beautiful sight to see and the brides father looked as proud as punch.

The ceremony went without a hitch and we were soon outside having photos taken in the idyllic backdrop of the venue. and we enjoyed a glass of bucks fizz as we waited for the room to be transformed into a room fit for a wedding breakfast. The meal was lovely and the kids all had their own little table which made them feel really grown up and they were all so well behaved. The wine flowed and then as the evening went on, the more I drank and the rest is probably best forgotten ;)

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