Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Super Heart To The Rescue - A Review From Tilly

The nice thing about having a blog, that is based around my family is that my family feel part of it, and it is extremely nice when Tilly gets asked to review something. To her reviewing something is now part of her everyday life. So when we got an email from Julian, asking for Tilly to review a book, she was happy to do it.

The book is called Super Heart to the rescue and it was unbelievably written by a 7 year old, so what makes this book so unique is that it was written for a child, by a child. Rose and Julian extended on the value of reading together by creating a picture book of their own. In this creative collaboration, Rose wrote the story and designed the characters and pages while Julian finished the illustrations and brought the words and pictures together as an eBook which was then published by Yoozoo Books for Kindle on Amazon.com. 

Super Heart see,s a little sparkle in the valley as she is flying along and what she will discover will take her on a journey as she helps a little lost baby find her way home to mummy. Follow the story as she helps this little baby. The pictures in the book are vibrant and appeal to a child, The illustrations have a crafted, hand made appeal consisting of a collage of materials and paper textures to create a tactile and enchanting world.

Super Heart hits all the right notes with us because it has a baby and a heart in the book - both things that little girls think are cute, but then as this was written by a 7 year old we can say that this book has definitely all the right attributes to be part of a little girls library. Its a cute, happy feel good book - perfect for bed time reading between you and your child. You can also double click the words to make them larger for little ones to read, and then double click again to put the word sizes back to normal.

Where Can I buy The Book?

You can get the book from Amazon to download on your kindle, for £1.92 or free kindle unlimited. The book was published on October 19th 2014, so if you have kindle why not pop over to Amazon to read the book.

What did Tilly think of the book.

I had to read this book over and over again to Tilly, There was a lot of ahhh's as she felt sympathy for the lost baby and lots of smiles when she found her mummy and her home. She loved the way Super Heart can change shape and she thinks Super Heart is also a Super hero. Super heart is a big hit in the house of Hall-Newman.

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  1. Thanks Tilly (and Vicky) for a great review that really gets to the heart of Super Heart :) Rose is off to write some more now.


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