Friday, 14 November 2014

Superdrug Fruity Shower Foam

In our house we do like to use the Superdrug own brand Fruity shower gels, and new this autumn they have bought out new Fruity Shower Foam.

 It comes in 2 flavours to suit different preferences you might enjoy and at the moment you can enjoy the scents of Mixed Berry which gives you a fresh and fruity blast of summer berries as you shower. Cherry and Almond offering you a more subtle, sweet and delicate scent. The smell is intense and even after the shower you can smell it on your skin for a while.

The Fruity shower foams will instantly foam up in the shower as you wash, leaving your skin feeling smooth with the luxurious and extravagant cleansing foam. You only need to squirt a small amount of the foam as
it expands in your hand. This means that it goes a little further than you would expect it to.

I am a fan of Superdrug Shower gels as they offer a distinctive and different scent to other brands on the market, so thats why its so lovely that superdrug have introduced the Shower foam now. The cans are vibrant and fun, they will look good in any bathroom and at £1.99 they are a bargain compared to the price
of other shower foams on the market.
The smells almost remind me of drinking a smoothie as they are so distinct and fresh. I almost wonder if it counts as any of my one of my Five a Day ;)

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