Friday, 7 November 2014

Superdrug Spray Hair Chalks - An Alternative To Colour Hairspray

Spray Hair Chalks are a new product ro come from Superdrug, How many times do we get a letter from school asking us to dress our children up the next day? Then we like to go the whole hog and spray our childs hair to make them look the part. I have done it many times over the years but then I have to spend hours brushing the coloured hairspray out of my daughters long hair - Its at that point that you regret doing the whole thing! Superdrug Spray Hair Chalks are available from Superdrug for £2.99 and can be found in the hair colour aisle

.So we decided to give Superdrugs Spray Hair Chalk a go and see how we got on with it. Tillys hair is very thick and curly so sometimes its difficult to brush. So I avoid coloured Hairspray (except for the incident when she insisted on having pink hair). Halloween was coming up so we decided to add some purple hair chalk to Tillys hair, as she wanted to dress as a witch. The spray chalk goes on easily and doesnt stick the hair together like coloured hair sprays do. The colour was even and vibrant.
The hair chalks come in three colours at the moment, pink, purple and blue. Because they are chalks i found that the colour didnt stay in all day, It looked great for a few hours but then started to fade, so if you want an all day hair colour then use the colour hairsprays. But this did the purpose and she had purple hair that lasted for her party. Afterwards the left over purple was easy to brush out unlike the hairsprays that you need to wash out. This meant for us that it was stress free removal and a happy child to have it brushed out.
I would use this again as a temporary hair colour and we used purple on blonde hair. On darker hair you may need more of the hair chalk to cover your hair. Tilly wouldnt let me take a photo of her and instead insisted on taking a selfie, so I apologise for the making of faces in the picture.


  1. Thanks for the tips./... going to try them tonight!

  2. Are these easy to brush out? I just bought the green one on a whim and am dreading it being like the hairsprays which leave your hair all matted and tangled!

    1. Absolutely. Because it's only chalk, you will find it wears off through the day. It doesn't leave your hair sticky and hard like coloured hair spray and is so easy to brush out. If you bought this Superdrug one, you can always fall back on the 100% money back garentee too. Let me know how you get on.


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