Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Tilly Joins Club Penguin To demonstrate Internet Safety

Tilly loves to get involved in my blog, after all it started all about her, but when you have a child using the internet, you really need to make sure they are safe. Disneys Club Penguin are here to help our children play on the internet safely, so we have one less thing to worry about.

They offer advice to both the children and their parents Here and when you think your child is ready to use the internet, they can join Club Penguin. Always talk about internet safety with your children - no matter how young they are, afterall if they are old enough to use the internet, then they are old enough to know the dangers.

Tilly was asked to give Club Penguin a go, and she was really excited about playing a penguin game. Its so easy to join and membership costs £4.95 or £29.99 for a year - but you cant put a price on a child,s safety.

When your child joins Club Penguin, they get to choose a penguin name, Tilly Chose Matilda as her name, and you get to choose the colour of your penguin too. Parents get to choose how much they want their child to chat online and as Tilly is only 4 and half I chose the ultimate safe chat so Tilly cant type words, she only gets given a choice of words she can use. So you can feel safe that your child isn't giving away her details online, or chatting about things she shouldn't be.

On the screen, once they have logged on to their Club Penguin account their page will come up and their Penguin will be visible to them. The penguins name will also be above the penguin, so it is easily identifiable. If you get a friend request, it will show up on the page and if you click onto the persons name you will see their profile - but no personal details are given out at all.

Once they are ready to play the game, they get to choose where the penguin is going, they can choose what server they want to go on and whether they want to go on a server with lots of people or just one. It is easier for the younger children to choose a server with only them or a few people on there, as Tilly finds it hard to see her penguin when there are 
too many people using the same server. You get an igloo for your penguin as a base, which you can decorate as you wish - its like your childs own little space. There is a choice for the children to take a safety test, just to make sure they know what they are doing on club penguin. And that they are using the internet wisely. 
What Did We Think Of It?

60% of kids use a tablet on a daily basis, and they are so computer savvy, these days. Tilly can use an Iphone, whereas I struggle to understand the technology most of the time. So if you down load this onto your Tablet for them to use, you know they will be safe. I must admit Tilly understood the Penguin game more than I did and felt at ease playing it. All i had to do was read the instructions to her. If your child walks away from the computer and it is left idle for 10 minutes it will automatically disconnect, so you know the game isnt connected when they are not using it. Club penguin is bright, colourful and inviting to the kids and Although she has only been playing it a week, it is working well to help her concentration. I like the safety aspect to the whole website and it is a great way for kids to start using social media.

We will post again in a few weeks as Tilly gets more confident with the game and starts to interact more.

You can also find Club Penguin on Twitter and Facebook Although i don't recommend it for children under 13 years old.

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