Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Tilly Needs Glasses

I have been having problems with Tilly and her colours, she seems to always get red and green mixed up, so I thought that maybe it was worth a trip to the opticians.

So after school one thursday we took a stroll to Specsavers and we took our place in the queue, but we didn't have to wait for long as she was called into the opticians room and she did the test answering everything as she should. Then the optician explained she was very long sighted and needed some eye drops to better check the extent of her eye problems, So she had them done and we waited 10 minutes which gave us time to choose two pairs of glasses for her.

As much as I tried to steer her to glasses that looked nice and discreet on her face, she chose some Hello Kitty ones and now she is the proud owner of bright pink glasses with massive frames! Thanks very much Hello Kitty!

We have explained to her that she has to wear them all the time, and I now feel like I understand why she was having problems reading and writing! but I feel like I have failed her by not picking it up sooner. Hopefully thus will help correct her sight and she will soon only need glasses for reading and writing.

Today we collected her glasses and guess what? she wont keep them on, so I think we have our work cut out with these glasses.

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