Thursday, 18 December 2014

Flint + Flint Primer With SPF 30

Primer is an important item in my makeup bag as it hides a multitude of sins on your face. Not only will a primer even out your skin tone and texture (like a blank Canvas) but it will also help to keep your Makeup in place. Primer will smooth any fine line and wrinkles you may have and it gives a smooth start to your makeup application.
I have very dry patches on my face due to the psoriasis I am plagued with, But this  Flint+Flint primer evens out the skin and the flakiness disappears for a while. This could be down to the ingredient in the primer called Venuceane, This primer also offers UV protection to help you fight the free radicals we face day to day like harsh weather, smoke, alcohol etc. It also lessons anti inflammatory problems in the skin, improves hydration and limits the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

I always use primer if I am going out for a night out as i love the way it smooth's my skin out and and
disguises the fine lines as well as evening out my skin tone.

Once you have popped your moisturiser on, wait for it to dry and then you start your make up application, So take your primer (you only need a small amount on normal skin) and you then apply it as you would your foundation. your skin will instantly feel smooth and will be a perfect base for your make up. You will find your make up goes on smoother and lasts longer once you have the primer on and it is a little secret to longer lasting makeup.

Flint+Flint are a Husband and wife team, who live in England, Package their products in England, Print their boxes in England and therefore keep the business in England. Something that I support in the day and age of companies sending their work abroad. They love their product so much that they are confident you will too, and if you don't - they offer a 100% money back guarantee. The Flint+Flint Range can be found at The primer is priced at £25 for a 50ml tube, its worth every penny of that £25 too as you only need a little bit as it goes a long way.

I received a product in exchange for a review, you can find our reviews for the Serum here and the 3x moisturiser here.

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