Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Look Back At 2014

Every year everyone says that they are going to be glad when the year is over, often I am one of them people but this year I have taken a long look at the year and I think I had an amazing year.

Of course as usual people have come and gone from my life, and as sad as this is I can only think that it is not my loss as my life is still filled with so many special people - that obviously do mean something to me. I have seen friends grow and move on to better things and I actually feel like I have grown over the past year and I am so much more confident.
My blog is growing and growing, thankfully to my friends who have been there and supported me through the last year, the friends that have encouraged me to carry on writing, even when I felt I couldn't! The friends that haven't judged me when I have written something that was supposedly controversial. So what were the highlights of my year?

January -  I had to hunt for yellow wellies as a certain little miss wanted a pair and whatever pair we chose, it wasn't good enough! What a little diva. It was also the month that Tilly made me feel guilty for working and wanted me at home more. I also had to face the fact she was going to big school in september - something i had been struggling with for a few months. But as the deadline approached, it made me so sad to know my little girl was really growing up!
February - I was a victim of Gossip with someone deciding that my bipolar was a problem with bringing a child up! Who ever it was took it upon themselves to contact Social services with malicious lies, also saying Bethy had Bipolar, Sadly I do live in a small town and as with all small towns - there are always groups of people that will gossip to make their lives sound so perfect. But There was lots of professional back up that it didn't even get further than a letter of notification of someone being malicious to us as a family. Tilly had her first trip to France, so we could show her a different country as we had only just got our passports and we were off to DisneyLand in March.
March - This was a big month for us, it was full of fun and tears. We had Zachs birthday and Tillys birthday within a week of each other and Kimmy and I took Tilly to Disney Land for her birthday. It was amazing and magical for her. On her actual birthday she had lunch with the princesses, highly expensive but worth every penny to see my little girls face light up. Then at the end of the month I had tears as my son, Zach moved to Norway for a job through the summer. It was so hard to let my boy go, especially as it was into the unknown for me. I had never been to Scandinavia and knowing your child is so far away is hard to cope with.
April - Saw us getting excited for our upcoming trip to Norway to visit Zach, I booked it about 5 minutes after he left us lol, We have discovered skype but we found it hard not talking for a few weeks and i know he was homesick to start with. For the first time ever we went to a farm to meet some lambs and the way Tilly was with them absolutely melted my heart.
May - Was a big month in the life of Tilly as she went on a plane for the first time ever, Although the thought of taking her on a plane alone terrified me and I had loads of stuff confiscated at the airport, we had an amazing trip and my heart was at rest as I knew the boy was safe in Norway and I got to meet some of the people he worked with, where he lived etc. The weekend was very expensive and went too quick but we stayed in an amazing youth hostel. Then we had Kimmys birthday - I became the mother of a 22 year old, sheesh I am getting old!
June -  We seemed to live in London this month as my blog work kept me busy, we promoted stay-cations and spent a weekend in London all expenses paid, with a trip on a speedboat down the Thames, A visit to Planet Hollywood and Ripleys - believe it or not. It was a great month and we loved it. Not only were we extremely lucky to be able to do things like this but we were able to show Tilly places and teach her new things, show her what other people do and how people lived in the olden days.
July - We had a month of facing reality as we had to start preparing Tilly for big school, Tilly graduated from nursery  And Zachy came home for a visit, He didnt tell us, he just turned up on the door step at 11pm at night. He was only here a week, but he was here and it meant alot to Tilly to see him.
August - I took a few weeks of work in august as Tilly was struggling with being at Nursery when all her friends had left, being a working mum really hit me hard and and she needed some mummy time. Luckily the company I work for were very understanding and helped me out. We went to Lollibop for the first time, it was Tilly first festival, and she loved it all. Tilly also took part in a heinz promotion and filmed an advert - giving her 15 minutes of fame

September - I had to go away for a fragrance conference at work and had to miss Tillys first day at school but she was fine with Kimmy taking her and I was there to do it the second day. We had a trip to Butlins in Bognor , Zach came home from Norway and Tillys Advert aired on youtube

October - We went on a bit of a disastrous weekend away to Hastings, it was lovely to get away but it was a horrible holiday camp and the caravan was dangerous and minging, Half Term I had the week off work and we went to London to a Halloween party that was put on by and then went away to stay with some family for a few days to celebrate Halloween and prepare for a wedding
November - The month Started with Tilly being a flower girl for my cousin and she loved it. it was a beautiful day and We made a visit to the Ideal Home At Christmas, where Tilly saw Santa for the first time this year. We also found out that she needs glasses, she is getting on ok with them, but it would be lovely if she wore them all the time like she is supposed to!

December - The month I found out I am going to be a Grandma, All Tillys dreams came true when she got her My Little Pony for Christmas and The month for reflecting the past year which is what we have done here. Now we have 2015 to look forward to and I just know its going to be great.

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