Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Looking Forward To Londons New Years Day Parade

So Whats your Plans for this New Years Day? Tilly and I are off to the New Years Day Parade in London. We went last year and Tilly was in awe of all the amazing floats. She especially loved the Cheerleaders that were doing there little routine along the route. Here is our post from Last year

We were lucky, we took the train to Charing Cross and took the small walk along to Trafalger Square where we took a place by the barriers for little Miss Tilly to have a look. The theme last year was the Swinging 60's and all things about that time. We saw Thunderbirds and Scooby Doo. We saw Mayors from different boroughs of London and we saw Mary Poppins (this excited little madam very much!)
So this year we will take our place again in the anticipation of the 2015 LNYDP, The details can be found here. The event is free and It is a great family event to go along to. Last years theme was The swinging Sixties as I said in the previous paragraph, but this year its all about London on The Move, so I cant wait to see the floats and costumes there will be.

Hopefully we will see you there.
Photos kindly used from www.LNYDP.com 

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