Tuesday, 2 December 2014

My Next Christmas Wishlist

I do love to shop on-line at Christmas, you can sit at home on an evening and open your laptop and just lose yourself in the world on shopping. One of my favourite sites, especially around Christmas is www.next.co.uk, its fun, you can get clothes for all occasions and if you need something in a rush, you can get it next day!

There are so many things I want from the site, that I have made a wish list with my favourite things.

Here is my weakness, it has to be shoes

I love the shimmer colour and the heels are not too high, meaning I can have a few drinks on a night out and not fear for my life when I fall off my shoes! They are wide fitting meaning they will be more comfortable for my chubby little feet too :)

These are a bargain at £26, with free next day delivery to a store of your choice.

But a girl would need a matching bag to go with these shoes, so here is the perfect bag to marry up with the shoes. Its a lovely small compact
 bag and has a mirror inside to touch up those make up mishaps on a night out.

These are £14 and can be found as an add on with the shoes.

I do work on a fragrance counter and I love different fragrances, this is why I adore Next  Just Pink perfume. It has been said to me by a few p
eople that it is very similar to Ralph Lauren Romance at a snippet of the price and when you get a gift set like this, you can use the extra bits like the body lotion and shower gel to 'layer' the fragrance, this is wear you use the shower gel when your in the shower getting ready to go out. Then as you dry off, you use body lotion, before you spray your perfume. this make the perfume last longer as it has soaked into your skin too. this box set also contains a spritz, which is perfect for summer days when a perfume may be too strong.

Christmas isn't Christmas in the house of Tilly without some festive
 candles, there is just something about the smell of spices, that completes that Christmas feeling. These 6 votive candles are going to burn up to 15 hours each and cost £12. They can be found  here

This is an amazing present and if anyone bought it for me, I would love them forever. When we make cakes, we have to whisk by hand and this would make life so much easier. I would supply anyone with a life long supply of cupcakes, if they bought me this. It does cost £99 but I would be your friend forever ;) you can buy it from here

When I am out and about, I get loads of blogging ideas, so I always need to write them down, this little notebook set is so cut here. Its glittery too, so it is a bonus for me too.
e and it will fit in my handbag perfectly. I will always be able to write my weird thoughts and ideas in it. It is £12 and available from

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