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I am following on from The Christmas Tag, that I found on I love reading posts like this, as its nice to see different peoples ideas of what Christmas Is to them. Its great to spread some seasonal cheer and we all got involved in this, especially trying to name the reindeer! Why not give it a go.
1. What is your favorite Christmas film?
My favourite film is Love Actually, I love how everyone has different lives, but they are connected together in one way or another. It shows how Love is important, especially at Christmas.

2. Have you ever had a White Christmas?
I was bought up In Germany, So I am sure we had one there.

3. Where do you usually spend your holiday?
When the older kids were little we used to find somewhere to go, as the thought of being on my own with kids horrified me. But as they got older, they asked if they could spend Christmas in their own home.

4. What is your favorite Christmas song?
It has to be the original Band Aid Single, not Band Aid 2, or Band Aid 20 or the latest one for Ebola - It has to be the original. I love the story behind the single and it is the first time I remember this kind of charity record bringing bands together.

5. Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?
Yes, we always open one. When I was growing up we were allowed to open a present from the lady who lived across the road from my Nan, we kind of adopted her and we called her Nanny King. We do the same now , but I always wrap Christmas Pyjamas up for them. This year we are going to have Xmas eve boxes.

6. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?
Donner, Dasher, Rudolph, Cupid, Vixen, Prancer, Dancer, Comet, Blitzen - we think that's them all!

7. What holiday traditions are you looking forward to most this year?
I was looking to putting the tree up this year, and every day is a big day as Tilly understands the Advent calendar, so to see her excited about it being a day nearer to Christmas is magic. We also do Midnight Mass and as Tilly is older this year I am really looking forward to it.

8. Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

9. What is your all-time favorite holiday food/sweet treat?
We always get a tin of Roses in, its our real Christmas treat

10. Be honest: do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better?
Everybody says its about giving gifts, but deep down its all about receiving too ;)

11. What is the best Christmas gift you've ever received?
I got pregnant with Beth at Christmas 1994 ;)

12. What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season
New York, It always looks so festive on the Christmas Movies

13. Are you a pro-present wrapper, or do you fail miserably?
I start off So happy to wrap and so full of enthusiasm, but after a few glasses of wine and 6 hours later it fails miserably and looks like a 2 year old wrapped them.

14. Most memorable Holiday moment?
There are too many!

15. What made you realize the truth about Santa?
I cant remember, I am 42 so its like forever ago!
16. Do you make New Years resolutions? Do you stick to them?
I always make them but never stick to them, by the middle of January, they are a long and distant memory.

17. What makes the holidays special for you?
Getting up Christmas morning and everyone getting in bed with me and we open our stockings one present at a time. Then we get up and have mince pies and sherry for breakfast. Before opening some presents. Then Christmas dinner - all 5 of us squeezed around the table in my tiny house. I LOVE IT!
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Now I am tagging, and, Please feel free to join in and add your link in the comments below :)
Merry Christmas

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