Monday, 29 December 2014

Tilly And The Great Song Dvd's From Kids Music Shop

When the older kids were little, we used to sing nursery rhymes together. So that was one thing I looked forward to doing when Tilly was born. One thing that struck me was that the Nursery rhymes had changed, they were modern and different. Gone were the good old traditional nursery rhymes and I had to buy books to share them with Tilly. Baby groups and nurseries were full of the nursery rhymes that I didn't know and I kind of felt disconnected from her, I also felt old as all I wanted to do was sing traditional songs. Singing is always a sign of a happy child and when I hear Tilly singing, there is no better sound in the world!

When I was asked to watch some childrens song Dvds with Tilly and review them, I jumped at the chance. Not only would it give us some time to bond together but also meant we could sit and sing together.

We were sent Never Smile at a Crocodile, A Dvd with a mixture of older nursery rhymes for your little ones and also newer kids party songs like Big Fish Little Fish and Superman. This Dvd follows Tony and Emma with a bunch of boys and girls as they sing and dance their way through the Dvd, teaching you and your little ones the moves to go with the songs. This Dvd is available at for £5.10.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star has the popular nursery
of Round and round the garden and Incy wincy spider that you can sit and watch with your precious little ones. Again with the help of Tony and the children on the Dvd, you can sing and dance your way through the Dvd. The Dvd lasts for nearly an hour and it is non stop fun along the way. You can buy the Dvd from rhymes for £5.10.

The wheels on the bus Dvd has the favourite songs of going to the zoo and I hear thunder. as well as songs like Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside and Dingle dangle Scarecrow. So you have over 40 minutes of The boys and girls on the Dvd singing and dancing along with you. This is also available for £5.10 from

All these Dvds are made with children in proper situations that children go to everyday. some scenes are from the fair and others on a bus or down the zoo. Situations that your children can associate with. for me it was a breath of fresh air to listen to the older nursery rhymes on these Dvds as well as listen and learn the new songs that they learn at nursery.

As well as these kind of Dvds you can also buy personalised music Cds and education resources like Times tables Cd's. For your baby's and children there are meditation Cd's and of course where there are childrens Cd's and Dvds for sale, you will find your favourites from Cbeebies and Justin Fletcher.

So What Did Tilly Think of Them?

She absolutely loved the singing and dancing, infact she was watching one of the Dvd's in my bedroom and I walked in to find her jumping about on my bed, doing the actions and singing at the top of her voice. These Dvds are great for kids to show their creativity by moving with music and they are great for getting them to use up some energy instead of sitting infront of a tv all day long. These would be great for a nursery setting or childminder to get the little ones to exercise and work on their co-ordination. Tilly has rubbish co-ordination and these seemed to help her.

Pop over to the website and take a look for yourself.

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