Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Tillys Wishlist from Debenhams #foundit

When your a 4 year old, sorry I keep getting corrected! ......I meant to say when your a nearly 5 year old (because those few months make a difference haha.) Christmas is an important time and you have been kind of good all year, so the anticipation of waiting for Santa is so exciting. So we sat down with Tilly and we showed her some websites so she could tell Santa what she wanted. We  came across a great range of toys on the Debenhams website

So here is her list and this year its mainly about the My Little Ponys

Tilly like little fiddly bits and she chose this as one of her much wanted gifts this year. It is My Little Pony Sweet Rainbow Bakery Playset With Mrs. Dazzle Cake Figure. It can be found  on the Debenhams  WebSite and is the cheapest I have seen around as it is on special offer at £15.40 instead of £22
She likes to have something to cuddle at night time, it makes her feel secure, So she wants a My Little Pony Applejack Buddy this soft toy is not only cute but would become her little bedtime buddy. She costs £13.50 from Debenhams

Next on her list is My Little Pony Kids Safe Headphones, Tilly always uses my Kindle when we travel anywhere and It does disturb the other travellers. She wont wear little earphones and the big earphones we seem to find, just fall off her head. With these she would be the coolest kid on the train and as they are designed for kids, they will stay on her head! At the moment they are £16, reduced from £20.

Miss Tilly has a thing for cats, if its out on the path she will stealth like run out the door to stroke it, or run after it until it wants a cuddle from her! If a cat dares to come into our garden she claims it as her own, she said in the summer 'Mum, Mum, I got us a cat' and I had to prise it from her arms and take the cat back to the neighbours! She is obsessed with cats. So this  Teksta - Kitty  from Debenhams would be perfect, she could play with it until her heart is content, she can teach it tricks and the best thing is I wouldn't have to buy it treats like I do have to buy for the neighbourhood cats! It costs £60 but I think its a good investment for many a happy childhood memories.

Like I said earlier, Tilly likes toys that have loads of little bits and this year she has got into Lego in a big way. Although my heart sank that she wasn't a baby anymore and playing with Duplo became boring to her, I secretly like that she is a lego fan. Lego friends is great, its pink, purple and white. Its really girly and she spends hours playing with it. LEGO Friends Stephanie's New Born Lamb. For £10 you get a cute little kit to make a little house for your Lego character and a cute little lamb...... what is there to go wrong with when there is a fluffy lamb?

So tilly has a Christmas list of a few random and different things. Tilly is a funny kid, although she like s what her friends like (Frozen etc) she is quite happy to also play with toys like superhero toys. She has her own mind and likes to have different toys rather than follow her friends.

So now she has to wait and see what is in her stocking on Christmas Day - Please let it be a Teksta Kitty before she becomes known as the neighbourhood cat rustler!

Merry Christmas Everyone

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