Wednesday, 3 December 2014

We Must never Be Late For School..... Again

So today for the first time since Tilly started school we were late, but the day had started so well. She was quite happy to wake up for a change, and got out of bed and jumped in the bath, something else I was proud of as its a fight to get her to have a bath normally. But from that moment it all went WRONG!

We are on a key meter and at 8AM it chose the time to run out, and to make matters worse we were in the emergency too, so we couldn't even use that as a back up! it actually made me realise that we take lighting for granted as I struggled to look around in the dark for a clean white uniform top for her. In the end, I kind of gave up and thought, I know, she has a cream top with a little girl print on it - I will pop that under her pinafore and nobody will ever know. Now where did i put the hair brush? I asked myself, I made a half hearted look around for it, and in the end chose to tidy it up as best I could with my fingers, before scooping it up into a ponytail. Then just as we were about to leave the house I looked horrified at Tillys feet to see we she didnt have her shoes on, So with the amazing power of my mobile phone back light, I wondered around looking for her shoes. Amazingly they turned up. took a look at Tilly

Coat - Check
Teeth cleaned - Check
Cardigan on - Check
Shoes on right feet - Check
Face clean - Check
Hair brushed - Check…..ish
School bag - Check
Glasses - Check

So off we went down the road to school, before tilly kept stopping as her tights kept falling down, so I took a look at how uncomfortable she was and said ‘lets go home and change’ So off we go, back to the house of no electric to rummage in the clean laundry pile for different tights. On our way out the door again, she grabs the inflatable reindeer that we have as a xmas decoration, so I shake my head in disbelief and just let her take it............

Finally we get to school and ring the buzzer to get in the building, go to reception, Tilly gets sent to her class and I have to stand in a queue, where you sign your children in late on a computer. The lady in front of me seems to be signing in about 6 kids, then it comes to my turn. And there wasn't enough space to write her full name so used initials for her surname (I am sure there are not many Matilda’s in her school), Same with my name, not enough room. It takes you to the next page and you have the option to say why you were late, So off i went on a little explanation how it all went wrong - Only to find the excuse can only be about 10 letters long. Then panicking that I looked like quite an idiot, i pushed a button and lost all the stuff had painstakingly typed in like. I realised I actually looked like some kind of special person who had escaped the local asylum (having the unbrushed hair didn't help either) I shouted at the computer, as if it was its fault for my stupid fingers and caught the attention of the passing headmistress, who helped me do it all again. next time we are late I will simply write #EpicFail.

So i have decided after the humiliation of being late by 2 minutes, that actually ended up 15 minutes by the time everything was sorted out in the office, we wont EVER be late again!

I got to whetherspoons where I was meeting Kim my for a spot of breakfast before work and reeled off the morning and said that after the palava of Tilly forgetting to put knickers on for school yesterday, today it seemed like Iooked like the most disorganised mum at school. But atleast nobody would notice her top under her pinafore - untill Kimmy said ‘Mum she has PE today!’ ……… OOPS.

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