Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Why I am Staying In Tonight!

So here it is, the biggest night out in the year and what am i doing? I am staying in with Tilly and Kimmy. When the older kids were little I stayed in every new years eve because I had to. But by the time Beth was 2  or 3, I was desperate to get out there and party again. I was the mother of 3 kids and i was only 24, I needed to get out and have a bit of a social life again. So every year I looked forward to new years eve. My Nan would baby sit for the the kids and off we would go. I would be hungover the next day and wouldn't get up until lunch time and would be back in bed by 4pm. We told the kids it was the shortest day of the year and they believed it! lol.

As the kids got older, i partied harder! They were getting old enough to look after themselves and I didn't have to worry about babysitters. But having new years day with a hangover always spoiled things. After Tilly was born, I was lucky to have babysitters at home to look after her, but you know what? Going out had completely lost its charm! Here i was with a new little girl and I found myself wanting to spend new years eve with her, So for the first few years we went to house parties of close friends and then for the past couple of years we have stayed home and watched London see the New year in, whilst sitting in bed eating snacks and wearing our onsies!

Going out on new years eve is always such an anti climax, Its not what it used to be. The prices are extortionate and in the past I have paid £10 just to get in a pub. These days that £10 could pay for our electric key meter. The money I am saving by not going out is instead going to pay for a train ticket to london to go to the New Years Day Parade - A kind of new tradition i have started for new year

What are your plans? What ever you do, have a great new year and all the best for 2015.

Love from Tilly and her Family

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