Saturday, 24 January 2015

A Postcard From The Country

Well today is my first day in the country, or as Tilly calls in 'Nowhere' (meaning the middle of nowhere). The weather is so beautiful here and I haven't had to wear a coat, such a contrast to the wind that we get living by the sea!

Sam lives in a close, down a country lane (that I lovingly call the old dirt track) and as I opened my curtains this morning I was greeted with the most beautiful scenery of just fields surrounding her home. It makes such a difference to living in a town, where houses are packed in and its not very often you see a patch of green! Its so quiet here, there is no passing traffic and no boy racers. the neighbours say hello to you and help you if you need help fixing your car. I really feel like I have stepped into another time and place.

The Village has no shop, but they did get their priorities right and there is a pub at the end of Sam's road, and in walking distance from home. So i suppose that is one of the places where the villagers socialise and keep up with each others news. There is a beautiful little church where Sam got married to Mike and Tilly was the flower girl, and there is a village nursery - thats all there is to this village. But you know what makes it the village it is today? the people! its the people that will go out of their way for you. Its the people that look out for each other and its the people that become your family as well as your friends. Sometimes I think it would be so nice to trade the town life for the country life..... then i remember I cant drive and the bus comes about once a week (exaggerating but there is a lack of public transport in rural Wiltshire).

Tonight we are off for a masquerade ball in the next town, to celebrate a friends birthday. So its time for me to get ready ..... laters gaters ;)

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