Thursday, 29 January 2015

Bath Time Fun With H&A Bathtime Buddies Alphabet Set

Tilly does love her bath times, and the more bubbles in the bath makes for more fun time with her. For Christmas she received a Frozen range of bath goodies from Santa and she now enjoys her bath times more with the Frozen Bath and Shower Bubbles. She feels so grown up! But the cost of keeping her in bath products is sky high. So when the opportunity came up to try to become one of H & A's Bathtime Squad, we jumped at the chance, as I can't think of anyone better to be involved. Afterall she is an expert in Bath bubbles!

Recently we were sent a Bathtime Buddies Foam Alphabet from H & A for Tilly to enjoy in the bath. Tilly isn't very good with her letters as she struggled for a little while with her sight, but now she has glasses, I am hoping that her reading will improve. Thats why we were thrilled to get these letters as now she knows the sounds of letters and can make some words up whilst she bathes. Its perfect for us because its very hard to get her to sit down and do her letters, so with these letters you are incorporating learning with fun.
The letters are bright and big, they fit really well into chubby little fingers. They float well and stick to the bath or the tiles. There are 65 letters that come in a big round tub, The screw on lid has holes in it, so once you have bathed you little one, you can scoop all the letters up, pop them back into the tub and screw the lid on. Then all you need to do is turn the tub upside down and any excess water comes out of the tub and the holes also keep the letters fresh and prevents them from getting the damp smell that toys often get.
The letters are a great hit with Tilly and now everytime she has a bath, the letters come out to play. Yes I am a sneaky mum who will use any method to get her child to learn, So I really would love to thank H & A for this fab idea and Hopefully It will be a long time before Tilly realises that I am tricking her ;)

You can buy the Alphabet set from places like Asda, Sainsburys, Wilko for £3.30 RRP.

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