Thursday, 1 January 2015

Blog Bucket List For 2015

Recently I came across a blog written by Donna at Redhead Babyled and it had a bucket list for 2014, so i thought what a great idea to make a list for the following year and see how much i can cross off over the next 12 months. Some ideas are well out there but others are simple and things that often don't get done because life simply gets in the way, so here is the Bucket list for 2015

  • Take a speedboat ride.
  • Play the underground game on the London underground for real. 
  • Take Tilly To Harrods for the Princess experience.
  • Take a teddy bears picnic on the beach.
  • Give up work and concentrate on my blog.
  • Walk the cliffs with Tilly between Kingsdown and St Margarets.
  • Go to Britmums 2015.
  • Go to Blogfest 2015.
  • Take a trip to France on the Ferry.
  • Take a walk in the woods.
  • Take Tilly to a farm.
  • Visit Cornwall.
  • Save some money for a holiday abroad with Tilly.
  • Teach my daughter to read.
  • Go to as many school assemblies as possible.
  • Decorate my house.
  • Teach Tilly to ride a bike with no stabilisers.
  • Get invited to a film premiere.
  • Make more of an effort to visit my little brother.
  • Bake more!
  • Save some money
  • Be prepared for Christmas 2015
We did a speedboat last year and we all loved the experience, so we really want to do it again. the underground game is fab and for those that have played it, you will understand why we want to play it for real. We will be given some cards and have to have our photo taken at every tube station that we have a card for and then race back to the station we started at. This will be so funny and its something we have wanted to do for a few years!

Simple things like taking a picnic on the beach and walking the cliffs or even going to the school performances are such simple things to do but being a working mum, its so hard to find the time to do them and by the weekend you are too tired and all you want to do is relax - so I really need to make more effort with the simple things in life!

Have you made a bucket list? what would be on yours?

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