Saturday, 17 January 2015


This week my subject is cold, I never really knew the true meaning of cold until our central heating broke and we don't have the money to fix it! A draw back of owning your own home! We still keep our house warm with the help of plug in heater around the house and to be honest its made me realise that we take our heating for granted. The only time its cold in our house is when we first wake up and the heaters have been off all night.

But no matter how cold my house may get, it will never be as cold as it is outside. Its made me realise how lucky I am that I am not living on the streets, this really affects me at this time of the year. I know people say that its down to the individual person and its their own fault, but 9/10 it isnt! We never know whats round the corner, we never know what life is about to throw us. So next time you see a person on the streets in the cold, stop and buy them a coffee!

I like the cold more than the heat, And no matter how cold it is Tilly will still get naked and walk round the house! for her to be cold, it must be really cold. How is it children don't feel the cold?

So we are half way through the winter nearly, before we know it, it will be spring. Maybe by next winter I will have the money to fix the heating - who knows?

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