Friday, 30 January 2015

Day 4 In Bluestone - A Day On The Resort

As we had been to Ireland for the day yesterday, we had decided that today was going to be a quiet easy day on the resort.

The weather was a bit pants today so we spent most of the morning in the cabin, leaving it at lunch time to go to the treehouse to meet Lola the Ladybug. This was the first character Tilly has seen this week because we have been so busy doing other things, She had an amazing time joining in with the songs, the hide and seek games and learning a bit of welsh. Afterwards the kids were all given a balloon and Tilly got a heart, unfortunately it blew away with a gust of wind, but when I mentioned it later on in the afternoon, they gave her another one. That is customer service you just cannot beat!

We had a wander around the Village shops and popped into the Gallery for a quick game on the Air hockey table, Tilly cheats, but thats a story for another time. There are not many fruit machines in there and thats a good thing, quite often you go to a holiday resort and arcades are in your face!
Tilly took me to the toy shop and spent my money (little girls are good at doing things like that)! then we went back to the lodge to grab a drink to take to the adventure centre. I was about to surprise Tilly with the fact that I had booked dinner with the Characters in the Woodland Cafe.

We had a play in the circus room and then in the other room, she went on the climbing frames and bouncy castle. But at 4.30 it was time to go to the Woodland Cafe for our special treat. When we went in Tillys little face lit up with excitement, there was a huge tree in the middle of the cafe with fairies hanging from it and the tables all had balloons on them. We were taken to our seat and before long there was a fairy reading a story book about the woodland creatures. All the kids sat around and listened with interest before they went and found Huey the Hedgehog.

Huey played games with them and they did a bit of colouring before we had some dinner, It arrived on a silver platter and you just helped yourself. It was lovely food, finished off with an ice cream for the kids and chocolate cake with cream for the parents. The whole experience cost £7.95 for children and £12.95 for adults. Well worth the money, but if you decide to do it then i would advise you to book early in the week as the tables are allocated in the order of booking, this meant that as i only booked an hour before the cut off time then I had a table right behind the tree, blocking my view of the character and my child. But like I said, I was one of the last to book - So they fitted me in where they could. Tilly didnt miss any of the experience due to the tree as all children are invited to sit at the front for a better view.

There was a quiz tonight in The Tafern, so we decided that we would pop along and join in. We arrived just as it was starting and took a seat. It was a good quiz with a mixture of questions to suit all ages. We managed to get 38/40 and came second -Result. We decided to stay and have a couple of drinks before the short walk back to the cabin, where Tilly has fallen asleep on the sofa.

Time for bed for me too as we have a busy morning tomorrow, packing and then heading home.

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