Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Drink More Water With SodaStream and Chang4Life

Trying to get Little Miss Tilly to drink more water at meal times is quite stressful, she wants to be drinking fizzy drinks that the older kids are drinking! thats not always possible because of the bad habits I don't want her to get into. Plus allowing kids to drink sugar filled squashes and fizzy drinks leads to the possibility of child obesity and bad teeth. But with the evening meal being a mad rush as everyone is getting in from work and someone is cooking a meal, someone doing Tillys homework with her or listening to her day, and Tilly being really tired, its often easier to give in to her and give her what she wants.

We have been challenged by SodaStream to try to get Tilly to drink more water at meal times. We received a SodaStream before Christmas and its left on the table in our lounge so Tilly can make her own fizzy water when she wants it (under adult
supervision of course). We have to put the bottle in for her and then she knows to push the top down to create the bubbles she wants. She then has her own litre bottle of water to drink when she wishes. She drinks the water because she made it and it is helping her to feel proud of herself, and as its fizzy water, she thinks its a fizzy pop drink

Here are a few statistics that SodaStream have got together for their campaign that they are working on alongside Change4life.

  • 45% of UK parents don’t give their kids water at mealtimes. 
  • 48% stated the reason they choose not to serve water is to avoid the
  • additional stress this would create at the dinner table.
  • 55% it was because their children prefer to drink fruit juices, squash or fizzy drinks and that they find water boring.
  • 70% of those parents are aware of the high sugar content in such drinks.
  • 45% of parents admit their children don’t have the recommended daily intake of water,
  • 45% of parents suggested that one answer to persuading their kids to drink more water if it was fizzy.

Independent research shows that people with a SodaStream Maker, drink one more litre of water every day compared to people without one. As such, SodaStream is on a mission to get the UK drinking more water by making it exciting, simply by adding bubbles, meaning families can have fun drinking more water this January.

Making fizzy water with SodaStream only costs a few pence and with the reusable bottle, it means its environmentally friendly too. A SodaStream Maker will cost you £69.99 for a SodaStream Play and £89.99 for a SodaStream Classic. They are Available to buy at stores like Argos, Lakeland, Asda and Sainsburys as well as online at, where they will deliver to your home or a local Collect+ point, personally I always use Collect+, as its just round the corner from me and I can collect the parcel at my own convenience.

So why not try using a SodaStream and join the people that drink over a litre a day compared to the people that dont drink water? Lack of water can lead to dehydration and lack of concentration. Dehydration can lead to other illnesses in your child like water infections, So its really important your child drinks at least a litre of water a day.

We got our SodaStream just before Christmas and we have never looked back! here is a quick video showing how water can be made more exciting with using a SodaStream

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