Saturday, 10 January 2015

Going Out Or Staying In?

Oh I love a good party, I was always the person to be found dancing on a table, i was always the life of the party. I was the one who went to the old country club and stood on the antique chairs whilst reading from the antique book (I never got invited back) I was the one who would go out on a friday and return home on a sunday or even worse go out for a night out and come home as the kids were going to school (they were alot older when i did this)

All of my partying had to stop of course when I had little Miss Tilly! I think this contributed to me having PND, I had such a good social life and then all of a sudden, i didnt! I was tied down with a baby who did nothing but scream between 6 and 9pm. I used this as an excuse to get out the house, I would say i was popping to the shop or that I was going to see a friend and I would find myself in the pub untill 10pm…… or even later! looking back now, I know it was easier to run away from my problems. I was so close to developing a drink problem! After things came to a head one night, I knew it had to stop and I needed to take back my life.

I stopped going out and I soon came to realise that i cherished the nights in with my family. Okay, things were far from perfect but we were together sat on the sofa and watching crappy saturday night TV. I had traded my nights out for nights in, I know I looked boring and soon people stopped even asking me to join them on nights out. Where some people would feel rejected by this, I revelled in staying home. These days I do go out occaisionally but not very often at all, I would rather be at home creating memories for my family to remember. Going out is expensive, overated and I am home before midnight, the next day I feel like rubbish and I have lost another day to hangover and Tilly misses out.

So what are you, Party animal or Stay in mummy?


  1. I used to be a party animal.....Then I had kids. lol
    I have the odd night out now but I would much rather stay at home....

    1. Isn't it such an effort to go out, I would much rather stay at home xx


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