Monday, 26 January 2015

Interview With An 80's Army Kid!

I don't know how many of my readers know I was an army kid, but it was a great way to grow up and we travelled so much, taking in lots of the European culture. I was reminiscing with a friend Sam and we discussed with much fun, what it was like to live within the army in the 80's. Such an innocent time!

Where did you live? West Germany, as it was then.

What was your favourite food? My mums roast dinners! And as a treat we had french bread pizza from the deli and currywurst and chips.

What did you watch on TV? We only had one channel as a kid, it was called SSTV and i used to watch Scragtag and Toodles. Scragtag was a cat and Toodles was a dog. BFBS - Thank you

What Toys did you have? Barbie, Sindy, Fashion wheel, Spirograph, Felting, BMX, real rollerskates.

What did you do for fun? Depending on the time of the year and where we were living at the time, In winter in Detmold we would be sledging on the estate, In Hohne we would be taken out to the woodlands and go sledging and the officers estates as they always had the best hills. We never came home untill we were cold, blue and starving. If it was wet, we either played in groups in one of the flats or in the cellars, making dens. If it was nice we would be playing in one of the multiple play parks that were bought for us.

What clothes did you wear? There was no branded clothes, we shopped in C&A for our posh clothes, there was the military thrift shop too.

What was your first music you bought? It was a cassette tape of Kylie minogue, bought from the NAAFI, Then i bought BAD, by Michael Jackson.

Favourite sweets - Haribo Fizzy coke bottles and cadburys Fudge bar, they used to cost PFG20

Do you remember getting your first VCR?  Mum and Dad got us a VCR because we were up so early every morning and as we only had one channel, there was never kids programmes on. The day we got our first Disney movie was great.

What was school like? We just got on with it, I had the amazing teacher one year who was Mr Jonathan Longstaff. He read us a story with Drac The Vampire all with funny voices.I remember him the most. He was the best teacher i had in primary school.

What car did your dad have? VW Passat in Dark green and a VW Camper that we travelled to Spain in once a year.

What was it like having to move every few years?  It was fun but very emotional. Sad leaving friends, but exiting seeing the new flat and what play parks we would have, new school and friends. The mfo boxes would come out of storage 3 months before you moved. we were only ever allowed 2 toys to keep out and play with. mum would sort it all out and bin so much that we didn't need or play with to keep the boxes down to the what they were allowed. I remember always staying at someone's flat the last week so the flat could be spotless, The cooker in bits in the bath, The fridge had to be frost free and bone dry. Dad was always on exercise when we moved, so mum always marched us out.

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