Monday, 5 January 2015

London New Year Day Parade - A Great Way To Start The Year

So Tilly and I started a thing last year where we went to the London New Year Parade and she loved it, especially the cheerleaders (who she calls the pom pom girls). This year we decided to do the same thing, getting up at 7AM to catch a train by 8AM was a mission and all the trains were diverted to Victoria so that didn't make it any easier either. But it was the start of a new year and it never even bothered us.

We took a space in Whitehall where we had a really good view of the parade, although last year we stood at Trafalgar square and in my opinion that is the best place to stand. We could hear a commentator really nice and loud as he told us the floats that were coming along the route. Tilly watched in Awe as a parade of marching bands, floats and her favourite - the cheerleaders filled the route with colour, music and entertainment. They all had time to stop and have photos with her. The Cheerleaders come all the way from USA and are part of United Cheerleaders of America. They are an amazing group of people

The theme this year was London on the move and people were encouraged to join in anyway they wanted. They could drive, ride a bike, run, skip or even hop. The different floats were amazing and each one was different. Each borough of London took part in the Parade and there was even a Mayor or two to be seen walking with his borough.

The music is amazing and is supplied by different high schools from USA, they performed passionately and perfectly. I was really quite envious that I was never musical.

The event was well run and although the route often had 6 or 7 rows of people back, nobody pushed and shoved. London really came together to celebrate the new year and as we walked the route after it finished there was no litter on the roads, everyone respected the London and got rid of the rubbish.

My Top Tips to make the most of LNYDP
  • Take a flask of hot drinks, it can get cold when your just standing still waiting for the parade.
  • We find the best place to stand is Trafalgar Square
  • Travel by tube as you wont get a bus anywhere near the parade route, We use Charing Cross Tube station for the short walk to Trafalgar Square
  • If you have a small child, stand close to a toilet - Its a long walk to one otherwise.
  • It gets very busy, so keep an eye on your children. Invest in wrist links, pop your phone number onto a piece of paper and stick it in their pocket. I often write Tilly's name on her arm if we are out for the day.
  • It gets very crowded so get there early, find a good spot and don't move or you will lose your space!
  • Take loads of pictures, its a great day and you can look back at it through pictures later. Film some of it if you can, you will see some that you missed.
We now look forward to LNYDP next year, as we will certainly be there again.

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