Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Mins Move By MoveHub - Coping With A Move, Especially When Kids Are Involved.

Back in 2001 I decided it was time to move away from our house in the country to a town. My kids were getting older and I wanted them to be able to access more as they were growing up. Living in the country is such a perfect idea and we loved it, but I didnt drive and getting to a supermarket was often a nightmare. So in May 2001 I uprooted my kids and moved hundreds of miles away from Hampshire to Kent, Something my kids took a little while to adapt to and something I wished I hadnt done for about a year after we moved. The kids were only 5 1/2, 7 and 9, such a young age to rip them away from their friends. When I planned the move, I thought to myself ‘Oh the kids will adapt’ but the truth is it is an unknown to them, they are going somewhere they have never been and to a school where they know nobody!

Being an army kid and moving around alot as a child, I kind of thought that it would all be okay and they would cope really well - how wrong was I?

When I was asked to review Mins Move by the team at Movehub, I thought it would be ideal as now of course I have Miss Tilly who has had to cope with seeing her older siblings move out and even had to see her only brother move to Norway last summer, She was at a perfect age to read this book with me and it helped her to understand why people move away to another country.

The book follows the story of Min and Max, some siblings who have to embark on a new life when their dad gets a job in Hong Kong. Often moving to another place can be a confusing time for children as they dont know what to expect especially if it is a big move to another country where there is going to be a sudden
change in culture and language. The book was written with the help of Psychologists and Illustrators to help both parents and children tackle the emotional and difficult issues involved in such a big move. Families quite often do struggle with the moving transition and this book is designed to lighten the load a bit.

The illustrations are fun and simple, without being scary and at the end of the story there are questions you can  talk about with your children, questions that maybe your child is worried about asking you as we all know, little ones are quite good at keeping things bottled up and never know how to ask questions sometimes. The book is available Here for £14.99

It would be Fab if MovieHub made more of these books with different destinations as they are so good for kids to learn about new places. Tilly enjoyed reading it and said she now wants to go to China! not sure how I will manage this one Haha.

Also on MoveHub,  there is a helpful guide on the Website to help parents move with children.

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