Monday, 26 January 2015

Our First Day At Bluestone National Park Resort

Today we set off from Bristol to Bluestone National Park Resort in Pembrokeshire, Wales. It was a long drive and when you have a 4 year old in the back saying 'Are we there yet?' or 'Can you pick my toy up again?' It seems a longer journey. So we split the trip with a sneaky little shopping trip to Cardiff.

Tilly has known about the trip for a couple of weeks and has been very excited as she knew we were going to another country and she kept telling people we were going to 'Nowhere' Meaning the middle of nowhere! We have bought our passports as we are hoping to get a little trip in to Ireland and will need them as identification, So as Tilly was entering Wales she insisted on showing her passport.

Bluestone has been open since 2008 and has nearly 300 luxury lodges in the 500 acres of countryside and it is a perfect base for you to explore the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path and stunning countryside surrounding the Bluestone National Park Resort. Its also perfect for a bit of peace and quiet, a chance to relax, chill and shut out the towns and cities most of us live in. This resort is perfect for families, stress free holidays, self catering breaks, bringing grandparents along with you to share the generational holiday and romantic breaks.
Photo by Tracy Dunn
We arrived at 4.15pm and the checkin was a drive through, something I had never seen before. Normally when we go to check in to a holiday resort, you have to park up, unstrap you kids from the car seat, find your paperwork and then go to a reception to check in. This way was faster and there was no backwards and forwards to your car. We had to wait until 4.30pm to enter the park, so we timed it really well.

We had been given a map with our lodge on it, so we just had to follow the road round until we found our accommodation the key is a wireless key, all you need to do is hold it up against the door handle and it opens. this is great as there is nothing worse than having a card key that you put in the door and have to wait FOREVER for the green light to appear.

The Lodge itself is called Ramsey Lodge  and it is an upside down lodge, so the 2 bedrooms are down stairs (meaning no dragging heavy suitcases upstairs) and the lounge/ kitchen is upstairs meaning you make the most of the surrounding beautiful countryside. Downstairs there is a room with a double bed, and the second room has twin beds. Both rooms are Ensuite and one has a bath/shower whilst the other one has a walk in shower. The double room has patio doors that lead outside to a garden table for you to eat outside in the good weather. The upstairs is open plan, there are comfy leather sofas and a flat screen TV with a DVD player. There is a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge and dishwasher as well as a microwave and an oven. There is a full size dinner table to make sure you eat together as a family. The upstairs is spacious and there is lots of space for children to play.

Photos by Tracy Dunn

 you needn't worry about the lounge being upstairs as there is a stair gate at the top of the stairs and another at the bottom. There is a huge double doors up stairs that you can open in the summer and there are railings to stop any accidents with the little ones. The doors have a child proof lock on, so there will be no little hands trying to open them. How do I know this? Because my daughter tried!

We had to take the car out of the resort and park it outside, meaning that the park is really child friendly because you can walk around with your children and not feel like your going to be run over. And then we popped to the village to go to the Granary to join in some fun and games with the entertainment staff, it was free and they played giant snakes and ladders, bowls and did some colouring before listening to a story. It lasted an hour and was perfect for Tilly as she had been stuck in the car for most of the day.

As we were so tired we ordered take away from the Farmhouse Grill and had it delivered to the lodge, this gave us time to walk back and unpack. The meals were massive and filling. Tilly had a childs meal and she has a huge appetite but even she struggled to eat her dinner.

Now I am struggling to keep my eyes open, so I will bid you all goodnight as I know tomorrow is going to be fun filled and adventurous as we explore the park and see what it has to offer. Something tells me its going to be a busy week.

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