Friday, 23 January 2015

Paddington Goes To Paddington

Today was the big day of our mammoth trip to Wiltshire to  stay with Sam, Mike and all the kids. So we travelled from kent which took just over two hours and as I had left Kimmy and beth were laughing as I had so much stuff to take, because we are going on to Wales for a holiday on Monday. Me being Me - well I am stubborn and I was determined to struggle with everything and prove how wrong everyone was so off we set with a suitcase, backpack, bag, child, childs suitcase, childs trunki back pack, a tin of quality street, a frozen chicken, 2 copies of the evening standard (because Tilly wanted to read one too), a runaway bottle of ribena, a boots bag with a hole in it, a car seat, wrapped up xmas gifts, paddington bear. I swear I take less when I move house!

Eventually we made it to Paddington where Tilly had some fun Making Paddington pose for some pictures

We joined the train and OMG! it was jam packed with commuters and people going away for the weekend, we were packed in like sardines and poor Tilly didnt even have a seat! she sat on the little pull down table squashed up even more..... luckily people got off at the first stop that was reading and we had a bit more breathing space before we got to Pewsey.

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