Saturday, 3 January 2015

Project 52 Week 1 - New Beginnings

Well its the start of the new year and I want to welcome everyone to our little peace of the internet. Its the new year and everyone is full of resolutions and promises for 2015, but we don't do that! One reason is that I have the attention span of a flea and another reason is that I don't see why you should change for other people. If you do want to choose to change for other people or yourself, then I feel its because your not happy with the way your life is going at the moment and for me personally, I am in a good place. I will never change for anyone else, If people dont like me for who I am, then I am not forcing them to be my friend.

So back to the New Beginnings - It is 2015, the year of the hoverboard and Time travel (according to Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd) Its also the year I become a grandparent. 2015 brings lots of adventures already with the hope of my first holiday abroad without any children. Two weeks abroad without Tilly attached to me is going to be so hard ………. for the first ½ hour! And its something I couldn't do without Kimmy here to help out.

2015 will hopefully bring more oppertunities for Zach to go abroad and work again, I want him to travel like I did as I was growing up. You never learn as much as when your travelling. Beth has her new life to look forward to with the family she is creating, She is moving away to be with her partners family and I am the first to admit I feel a pang of jealousy that the child will grow up with another family around and us so far away, but we have to let our kids fly off and do their own thing. Kimmy is contemplating her future, she is looking at going back to uni to train to be a mental health nurse, so the next year could bring her so many oppertunities to look forward to. Its a big thing to decide and I will be by her side with all her choices as she is with me.

Last year was a really good year for us as a family, we had our ups and downs as all families do, but we got through the year, we are a strong little family :)
I got given a diary for xmas and it symbolises the whole blank year we have ahead of ourselves, a future we can write to suit us. A future that is ours to decide.

So we don't make resolutions as part of our new beginning - This year I made a Bucket list of things I want to do over the course of 2015 :)

Happy New Year and enjoy your own new beginnings

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