Friday, 9 January 2015

Returning Back To School After Christmas #beinspired

On Monday Facebook was full of Lots of status updates saying 'yay its back to school' or 'I wish I could keep my kids home for longer'. What did I write? I wrote that It was nice to get back into a routine as being a working mum is extremely hard, especially if you work an hour and half away from where you live and your a single parent trying to juggle everything on your own. Although It got mis read and I was asked why I would rather send my child to school than be with her, The thing is in the holidays she isn't with me. She is often with friends or family. There are of course holiday clubs for most of the school half terms but for Christmas, the whole country seems to shut down! For 2 weeks I have had to juggle my shifts with my childcare, my daughters shifts and when people can help out looking after Tilly. So yes it is almost a relief when she returns to school after the holidays, No more juggling and stressing out about childcare.

When the kids all break up for holidays I always feel a pang of jealousy especially when I see what all the parents have planned for the half terms with their children and I wish I was a SAHM, But that wont pay the bills. So monday morning, up we get, Bright and early, We have a bath and Tilly puts on her brand spanking new uniform I have bought for her. She asks for her hair to be put up Elsa style and we take a stroll to school, I almost shock myself with the organisation this morning! Its so nice for Tilly to be back at school as she gets to see her friends again, they get to play together and chat about the presents they got from Santa, She gets her structured day back and she gets a cooked meal at lunch time, meaning she doesn't have to have a cooked meal when I get home from work in the evening, We can get away with a light, quick and easy meal.

Do you know what I love most about my little girl going to school? I love it when my shifts allow me to pick her up and her little face lights up, she runs into my arms and tells me she has missed me! they are my favourite moments of the day. I only get to do the school run twice a week, but I love the moments we have walking home and she talks about the things she does.

So monday went well at school, after the initial organisation at the start of the week it slowly declined and by tuesday we overslept, by wednesday we were putting her PE kit together as we were leaving the house, shoving in a pair of pink leggings as I cant find her school shorts! By thursday Kim took her to school and she got soaked, the teachers put her in her PE kit for the day and sent her wet clothes home, see i knew there was a reason for her to have leggings in her PE bag! And by Friday (this morning) we are sat in bed watching Dora The Explorer when we should really be getting ready for school, but it is so cold out there and the wind sounds awful so I think today will be a disorganised rush again, but then thats our life. Welcome to my world.

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