Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Teksta Kitty, The Perfect Gift #foundit

Before Christmas we were offered the chance to review a Teksta Kitty from Debenhams. I was so excited as Little Miss loves cats, we have a few in our neighbourhood and tilly is always trying to claim them as her own. Once when she was a toddler, she saw a cat wander into the garden and she picked it up and bought it in the house saying 'mama I got me a cat'. of course I made her take it back to our neighbour.

So a Teksta Kitty seemed to be the answer to all my problems. Tilly could have her very own Kitty and It would be the end of her neighbourhood cat thieving!

We took Kitty out of the box and were pleased to see the mouse had batteries in already but we needed to get some AA's for the actual Kitty (who was named Fire as soon as she was given to Tilly). Not many of Tilly's toys will get the whole of my family on the floor playing, but this Kitty certainly caught the attention of Tilly's 22 year old sister too.

The Kitty is just amazing, It is aimed at kids 5+ and I did wonder if tilly would understand how to make the Kitty work, but they say kids learn things better than us and Kimmy had to show her how to do the things once, and she remembered. Now Kitty is always
dancing and pouncing (pouncing is Tilly's favourite and guaranteed to get the biggest chuckle.

The Kitty has many different functions using the mouse and using the buttons on the Kitty itself. You switch it on by pressing the button on its chest and instantly the eyes light up, and she is ready to play. The mouse will make Kitty pounce and also make Kitty reach up for the mouse as if to beg for it. The Kitty will walk at your command and when you push a button on her head, she will dance or talk to you. Use the magnets in the mouse to attach it to the Kitty, then Kitty will eat it and if you stoke the Kitty, she will purr!

Tilly is thrilled with the Kitty, She loves having her own little pet and it is definitely worth the £60 it costs. You do need to make sure you use decent batteries in it otherwise it wont work fully, We used Duracell and they seem to last quite well in Kitty. Kitty now goes everywhere with Tilly.

Teksta Kitty is sadly out of stock following the mad rush of toy sales, That we all call Christmas. But pop over to the toy section of Debenhams.com and see their great selection of toys available for your little cherubs. Debenhams.com even offer a click and collect service so you don't have to pay for any delivery of items. This is perfect as you don't have to wait in for a delivery.


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  1. My eldest got a Teksta puppy for Christmas and loves it....The kitty looks even cuter :) x


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