Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Dad In Waiting

I am Nathan and I am guest posting to give my views on being a first time expectant dad, I have known Bethany a few years, but we became a couple a few months ago.
Once we'd found out that we were pregnant after about a week Beth started to get pains on her left side, this made us worried so we got in touch with the doctor, who said it was probably just stretching of the muscles but they wanted to rule out ectopic pregnancy. This scares you straight away, so they sent us for a scan at this point beth was 6 weeks 2 days gone. waiting in that waiting room seemed like a life time, waiting to see If our baby a little ball of cells at this point, was going to be viable or not.

The nurse called us in, both of us nervous, beth lay down on the bed pulled up her top the nurse put the jelly on her belly, as soon as the the ultrasound touched her belly on the screen appeared the pregnancy sack, with the tiniest dot in the right hand of the screen. in that moment my heart sored, I saw the image before Beth as the screen was angled away from her, I know she wont let me live that down. we have agreed that she should be the first one to hold our baby when it arrives.

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